David Leonhardt recently wrote an article for The New York Times, “The Quiet Movement to Make Government Fail Less Often,” about trends to make government more efficient and effective. From his long career working with government agencies and nonprofit organizations around this very issue, our president, Philip Lee had some advice on how this movement


“What gets measured gets done.”  -Michael LeBouef   6 Tips For Building a Successful Scorecard for Your Program or Community: Scorecard (Noun):  a report or indication of the status, condition, or success of something or someone. [Merriam-Webster] There are several important tips you need to consider when creating a powerful and informative Scorecard that continues


Nine national and four local organizations announced the creation of the National Results and Equity Collaborative, designed to enable national and local philanthropy, technical assistance providers, public and private civic and service organizations, government and others to work together to help more vulnerable young people succeed from birth throughout adulthood. “From a national perspective, it


A group of Australian funders and partners have launched a national $1 million initiative in a bid to work differently to tackle some of Australia’s biggest social problems. Described as the first of its kind in Australia, the initiative called The Search, is putting together a resource pool of up to $1 million for an

JOHANNESBURG, South-Africa, June 6, 2014/ – Accelerate Performance and the Results Leadership Group today launched the maiden Results Based Accountability™ (RBA) Africa Summit 2014 (http://www.rba-africa.com) at an exclusive executive breakfast briefing. Aimed at leaders in governments and non-profit organisations (NPOs), the summit will be held at the Hyatt in Rosebank, Johannesburg from 8-10 October, boasting


On June 11, Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin signed S.293, a bill that places RBA’s approach to accountability into state law. This is model legislation for other US states and governments around the world. Please download and read this legislation, and share it with others: Vermont Bill S.293 The bill comes from an historic agreement between the

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We get asked questions like this all the time: We have a case management (or data) system. Why do we need yours? I like your software, but where does the data come from? I have lots of data, but no one is using it. Can you help? The short answer is that all non-profit and government

Named the runner up in the not-for-profit category of the Impact Measurement Awards, The Smith Family provides long-term support to disadvantaged children and young people to keep them engaged in education. It has an integrated, whole-of-organization approach to measurement based on the Results (Outcomes) Based Accountability (RBA) framework which is embedded in its policies, processes

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We just completely updated and expanded raguide.org, the Results-Based Accountability Implementation Guide.  With dozens of in depth answers and walkthroughs of common challenges this resource is a great tool for anyone working on RBA. This guide is intended for those brave souls who are working to actually implement some form of Results-Based Accountability™ in their


A finalist in the not-for-profit category of the Impact Measurement Awards, UnitingCare Wesley Bowden (UCWB) has been at the forefront of the implementation of the Results Based Accountability (RBA) framework across the community services sector in South Australia. Historically, UCWB has collected data on the numbers of clients served and service delivered and how well

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